The Benefits of Using a Glycolic Acid Lotion

What You Need to Know About Glycolic Acid Lotion

Glycolic Acid LotionGlycolic acid is a popular ingredient in skin care.  It’s a great way to exfoliate, which treats acne, wrinkles, age spots, and other skin complaints.  A great way to introduce this ingredient into you skin care routine is by using a glycolic acid lotion.  These products are mild formulations that aren’t likely to irritate the skin.  A stronger formulation, like a glycolic peel, is often too intense for most users in the beginning.

Glycolic lotions remove dead skin cells and debris.  It benefits acne prone skin types because that material often clogs pores and leads to pimples.  Removing grime also allows your skin care products to work more effectively.  Anti aging serums and other popular facial treatments can get trapped in dead skin and aren’t able to properly penetrate live skin.  Exfoliating is an essential part of a skin care routine, especially if you are spending a lot of money on skin treatments.

Chemical exfoliation uses an acid to dissolve dead skin and sometimes the first layers of live skin.  This form of exfoliation can be very powerful and over exfoliation can occur.  Irritation and scarring can result if done improperly.  This shouldn’t scare people away from peeling, because it is one of the most effective ways to reduce wrinkles, eliminate hyperpigmentation, smooth acne scars, and achieve smoother, younger looking skin.  It’s important to take time to let your skin adjust to strong methods of exfoliation by gradually increasing the strength of the products.  Strong glycolic acid lotions are often used before a peel to reduce the chance of irritation.  Lotions contain low strengths of acid and are formulated at a milder pH than peels.  Using a lotion daily for a few weeks before a peel allows your skin time to adjust.  Some lotions are strong enough to produce a peel.  These products will typically list this effect, as well as the concentrations of acid.

Oily and acne prone skin can be improved by using products that contain alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic.  In addition to the unclogging of pores, it also helps regulate skin oil production.  Glycolic acid lotion benefits sensitive skin that is prone to broken capillaries.  This skin type cannot tolerate the friction generated by manual exfoliation, like a facial scrub.

Consistent use will give you the best results.  It takes several weeks of regular sessions to see full results.  This is the case with most skin care treatments.  Alpha hydroxy acids increase sensitivity to sun exposure for up to 2 weeks or more after use.  It’s best to use these products in the evening and wear sunscreen daily.

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