The Benefits of Cat Boarding Kennels

Make Sure Your Cat is Safe While You’re Away

black catThough in your cat’s opinion by far the best thing is for you to never go away on vacation and leave them at all this is a rather boring and unlikely thing to happen.  Most of us go away at some point or another and need to leave our pets behind.  There are several option available for looking after them while you’re away including a pet sitter, getting a neighbour to come round and feed her or taking her to stay with friends or family for the duration of your absence.

However, there are disadvantages to each of these.  With the first two your pet will probably only be seen once a day (and that’s if they are in at the time their carer visits) and so you can’t be completely sure of their well being.  Taking your cat to someone else’s house will likely unsettle her and she may have to contend with other cats or dogs with whom she’s not accustomed making her feel stressed.  Even if they keep their dog in his dog house she will still be aware of his presence and might try to escape.

For these reasons many people decide to use cat boarding kennels.  These range from very small places which can only house a few cats to real industrial sized outfits which can hold many cats.  There are several advantages to using one of these places.

Firstly, there is no chance of your cat running off and getting lost or run over as they are kept securely in the kennel until your return.

Secondly, you can be sure that she is eating well and is not unwell as the people running the kennels will regularly check up on each cat and would instantly notice any signs of ill health and call a vet.  Not only this but you won’t come back to a house covered in cat hair and dirty footprints!

As you can see, there are many benefits to employing the services of a cat boarding kennels should you need to be away from home for any length of time.

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