The Benefits of Running

Running is One of The Best Exercises for Weight Loss

runningAlthough sports like running and jogging look very simple, they can potentially give you many benefits if done regularly. Becoming a regular runner not only makes your body feel and look good but also improve your mind.

Become a regular runner and you will never worry about being over weight again. Why? Body fat is excessive energy stored in your body. Running regularly helps your body to burn off the fat. A moderate one hour session of working out on a treadmill burns over 500 calories of energy. That is equivalent to a portions of KFC’s Hot & Spicy Chicken Breast or a Mcdonald’s Big Mac. Imagine how many KFC chicken breasts and Big Mac you would be able to burn if you run regularly for a year?

Running regularly also keeps your cardiovascular system at it best. Running exercises your muscles as well as organs and tissues of your cardiovascular system. In the body of a regular runner, the arteries maintain their elasticity better, the blood pressure will remain at a more desirable level than those who run less or do not run at all. The risk of having cardiovascular diseases is much lower among regular runners.

Regular runner’s bones and muscles age slower than those who have a sedentary lifestyle. Muscle and bone tissues respond to physical demand of the body, running provides the right level of demand and help the musculoskeletal system maintain its strength and slow down their ageing process.

A recent survey revealed that one of the great benefits of running regularly is that they usually have a better state of mind, less stressed and generally happier. Endorphins release during running creating a sense of euphoria that will make the runner feel good and relaxed. Running regularly is not only physically but also psychologically. Completing the tasks on a regular running schedule, always result in the runner feeling a strong sense of accomplishment.

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