The Benefits of Backpacking Around The World

Are You Thinking of Going Backpacking?

backpackingThere are a number of amazing benefits to be had by traveling and backpacking around the world. My favorite times are whilst backpacking Europe and Asia, and they’re both excellent spots for backpacking if you are thinking of planning a trip. If you’re sitting on the fence about the whole thing, let me show you why you SHOULD start packing your bag right now and hit the road!

Meet New People And Make Great Friends

If there is one single benefit that I tout again and again to anyone who will listen – it’s the fact that when you travel and backpack you WILL meet LOADS of amazing people and people who will become your friends for life. At hostels, on camp grounds, in bars – it doesn’t matter where. If you’re in a situation where there are other backpackers, it’s a given that you’ll all end up hanging out together and enjoying a drink or some dinner.

See Other Cultures And How They Live

I think it’s important, especially whilst being a young adult, to head into the world and experience and see other cultures and how they live. It’s one thing seeing it on TV, and quite another experiencing it for yourself. Whether you’re travelling in the Western World or a Third World country – each place has their own distinct flavor and culture for you to experience. Europe, for example, is amazing. It’s a crock pot full of cultures that are so close together. The difference between Spain, France and The Netherlands for example is astounding.

Your Mind Will Open (Whether You Want It To Or Not!)

When you travel, you won’t be able to help the fact that all these experiences will broaden your mind in a positive way. It’s one of the natural occurrences of travel that I simply love. Not everyone is evil and out to get you. Not everyone has a hidden agenda for being nice. You’ll also learn to trust your gut instinct and deal with stressful situations. These lessons you learn whilst travelling are SO IMPORTANT and I don’t think everyone gets the chance to learn them.

Backpacking is not always easy. You’ll have stressful, angry and times of exhaustion. But you’ll also have amazing, memorable and truly astounding moments that you’ll never forget. It’s an experience. It’s a way of life for some people. And in my humble opinion, it’s the best thing for a young adult to do before heading off to college or university.

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