The Appeal of an Opal Engagement Ring

Opals Are Now really Popular For Engagement Rings

opal ringWhile it used to be that engagement rings are just designed with diamonds, times have changed and new trends have been introduced.  Nowadays, other gem stones have also been considered as great stones to be used for engagement rings.  One of those gems is the opal, a solid white stone that has a milky pearl surface.  The stone symbolizes purity, which a lot of women find appealing, as the stone is usually set on an elegant band of white gold, platinum or sterling silver to complement the white finish of the stone.  You can see opal engagement ring with one huge stone at the center of ones with an opal surrounded by smaller sparkling diamonds.

The most popular band usually selected by women when it comes to their opal engagement rings is the silver band.  There are a variety of designs for silver bands depending on the setting of the stones that go into the ring.  One kind of design is the open weave, for the area around where the stone is set.  This weave makes the ring look unique when it is placed side by side with other rings.  There’s also the closed band, which should be perfect for opal engagement rings with diamonds.  As for the design of the stones, one of the more famous designs would be a round opal in the center with two round diamonds on the sides with a silver bar enclosing it.  Another design would be two each of round and pear shaped diamonds on the side of a large opal all lined up horizontally.

As earlier mentioned, aside from sterling silver finishes, other popular bands for opal engagement rings are white gold, platinum, and there are even rings with yellow gold.  The type of metal used in the band, as well as its weight, together with the weight and size of the gems in the ring will ultimately decide the price.  The prices for new rings usually range from $500 to $900, with some older models falling a bit under that range.  However, remember that antique rings may actually be more expensive than their newer counterparts. Look at some princess cut engagement rings to see why there is so much excitement about these ring types.

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