The Advantages of Laser Liposuction Fat Removal

Why Laser Liposuction is So Popular

laser lipo suctionLaser liposuction seems like a common thing nowadays and more people are aware that this advance version of liposuction is better. Although it is expected that the procedure is more expensive than the traditional type because of the technology being used, it can’t be denied that the extra cost is outweighed by all the wonderful advantages the non surgical liposuction.

As mentioned this is a non surgical procedure so you will expect that you will not need to have incisions made in your body. As no incisions were made, there will be no insertion of a metal cannula that will be done repeatedly to the area that will be treated. This means a local anesthesia or no anesthesia at all is part of the laser fat removal. The patient is conscious during the process and may be able to tell the surgeon if he or she feels that something is wrong. This prevents the fatality that occurs in traditional liposuction when complications occur during the procedure and while the patient is unconscious.

The absence of wounds also means that there is almost no downtime for laser fat removal. There is no need for the post operative case of the incisions and the fear of infection will happen. There will also be no side effects of bruising and swelling. So patients can return to work or to their other normal activities right away. There will be no need to take a leave from work or employ the help of other people to help you during the recovery period where your mobility will be limited.

Non surgical liposuction can also remove more fats than the conventional type. Since the fats will be melted, more of it can be removed if compared to the dry technique and the fats will only be forcefully removed. This process actually even causes for skin deformities like bumps and dents to appear on the skin. Asymmetry occurs because the surgeon cannot really see what’s happening underneath. Unlike with laser fat removal, there will be no asymmetry as the fats in the area will be melted evenly which produces smoother results. The heat will also tighten and firm the skin of the treated area.

Therefore, the extra cost that non surgical liposuction has will just be worth it if you see all the advantages it has. More fats can be removed while there is virtually no pain and no down time at all.

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