The 3 Best Dog Frisbee Games

Dog Frisbee Games

Dog Frisbee GamesDust off your best dog frisbee because this toy never gets old. Most pooches love to run, chase, jump, fetch, tug, retrieve, and everything in between – and the classic flying disc is a great toy to stir up this type of healthy physical activity. Whether you’re at the beach or in the backyard, a great game of frisbee can get that tail wagging.

There are plenty of fun ways to play with a frisbee dog toy. Check out the following three activities and see if you can figure out any novel ways to modify these favorites!

The Best Dog Frisbee Games

1. Classic Toss and Fetch

Traditional fetch-style frisbee is still the world’s best dog frisbee game. This game is simple enough for any dog to learn and easy enough for most healthy pooches to enjoy. If your pet dog loves to play fetch, then he will love catching discs.

2. Long Distance Disc Launch

This is the best dog frisbee game for big, high-energy canines with a love for running. Many pet stores and online retailers carry disc launchers, simple hand-held devices capable of extending your frisbee throw by a considerable distance. These toys are a great way to get a pooch to exercise.

3. Fetch N’ Tug

The newest types of dog-friendly frisbees are made from stiff durable fabric. The best dog frisbee models made for tugging are made of the toughest fabrics available – usually some type of vinyl, nylon, or fire hose material sewn directly on to a plastic disc. Always call the manufacturer to see if the disc is safe for tug of war before playing, since most ordinary frisbees just break under the stress.

All of these games can easily become multiplayer if your pets enjoy teamwork and cooperation. Some dogs love to compete, racing away to see who can get the flying disc first. If you decide to play frisbee with more than one dog make sure that the toy can stand up to some tug of war – two competitive canines can shred even the best dog frisbee designs.

Can your dog fetch? Then he can play frisbee! With the right disc and a little bit of preliminary training, frisbee is the perfect game for any setting. If you have the space and the spare time, get out there and enjoy the best dog frisbee experience possible – these are the moments that your loveable companion lives for.

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