Thailand Beaches

For a Beach Holiday, Thailand Can’t Be Beaten

There are a lot of popular beach locations in the world but few are as popular of Thailand. Even before the movie ‘The Beach’ highlighted the spectacular beaches of Thailand, millions of tourists were already well aware of the amazing beauty of Thailand’s white sandy beaches.

Out of all the beaches in Thailand, most people will head to Phuket. Phuket is a very popular tourist island which has been very overdeveloped. While it does offer many fantastic hotels and other tourist facilities, Phuket does not really have any of the best beaches in Thailand.

A few hours by boat from Phuket is PhiPhi island (pronounced PeePee). As far as Thailand beaches go the ones you will find here are some of the very best in Thailand. PhiPhi is very expensive though compared to other beaches in Thailand so be warned.

Thailand beaches and islands tend to more expensive the better they are. There are some exceptions though if you are prepared to rough it somewhat. There are still many excellent beaches in Thailand that are off the beaten track. These beaches found mainly on the more remote islands are some of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see. On the flip side though you will probably have to put up with some very basic accommodation.

Whatever type of beach holiday you are looking for you can find it in Thailand. You will need to do some research though because not all beaches are the same. To find some of the best beaches in Thailand you will have to avoid some of the more touristy places such as Phuket and Samui.

Likewise, Pattaya should also be avoided if you are looking for a beatiful beach. You certainly won’t find Pattaya in the  top 10 Thailand beaches. In general you need to go to the islands to find the very best of Thailand’s beaches.

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