Take Your Tent and Go Camping

Camping is Always Fun!

campingI love camping. Camping is one of those pure things that has not really changed in years. Sure, there have been improvements in tent technology, but it’s still you, nature, a campfire, and a tent. Combine those four ingredients and you have a camping trip. It could be as simple as a solo last minute camping trip, just you and your dog in the back country. Or you could pack the car full and take your whole family for a weekend of fun out at the lake. The possibilities are endless.

Camping brings you closer to the great outdoors. It could be just you and one of your 2 man tents hiking along the Appalachian Trail or with your loved ones at a more family friendly campground. You are surrounded by nature. There are things to explore. You rarely sleep in on a camping trip. You are up to see the mist hanging over the trees, and the sun rise over the horizon. At night, you can actually see the stars shining above you.

Cellphones, Computers, and televisions don’t work out in the woods. You can get away from the white noise that is modern existence.  It’s a wonderful feeling to look down and see no bars. You’re like a dog that has slipped its leash. That’s something you don’t get with other vacations.  If you’re staying at a beachside resort, people can always get in touch with you. You’re never free like you are out in the woods.

Sometimes you just don’t have the money for those expensive vacations, but you still need to get away. A camping trip is cheap. Just fill up your cooler with ice and food at the grocery store and pay your camp fee, and you are in. You can camp for a weekend for the price of a flea bag motel room.

Sure there are bugs. Sure you might not have readily available showers. Sure an air mattress isn’t the most comfortable place in the world to sleep, but isn’t that part of the fun?

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