SWTOR Jedi Knight Builds That You Should Know About

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swtorA lot of players in SWTOR have grown to love the Jedi Knight Class. Not only are Jedi Knights a great melee class but they are also highly popular because of their exposure in the Star Wars Movies. Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi are all Jedi Knights in the movie series and many gamers would like to emulate the experience of being one. So if you are just new to Star Wars The Old Republic and you are looking to make some powerful and free SWTOR Jedi Knight Builds, here are some recommendation for the talent trees that you might want to try out.

Jedi Knight Leveling Builds

Seriously, you have to start leveling first before you even dream of making a run at the top spot in SWTOR. Although missions and operations are great sources of experience points for your character to level up, it is essential to grind it out with power leveling if you want to get to level 50 in 7 days. For the Guardian Advanced Class, the best SWTOR Jedi Knight builds setup would be to follow a 0-31-3 route, meaning you have to put no point in Defense, 31 in Vigilance and 3 on the Focus talent tree. The remaining 7 points out of the possible 40 depends on how you want to distribute them. On the other hand, a typical Jedi Knight Sentinel leveling spec will be 31-0-3, with 31 points in Watchman, zero in combat and 3 in Focus.

Jedi Knight DPS Builds

DPS, which means damage per second, is the area where Jedi Knights truly excel. With a high damage output and a blazing Light Saber at hand, your opponents will have difficulties taking you down if you can create a build surrounding a DPS specialty. For Jedi Knight Guardians, the recommended setup will be a 3-33-5, with 3 points on Defense, 33 on Vigilance and 5 on Focus. If you are a Jedi Knight Sentinel on the other hand, your best bet will be to follow a 3-34-4 setup, with 3 points on Watchman, 34 on Combat and 4 on the Focus Talent tree.

Jedi Knight PVP Builds

A Jedi Knight is no knight if he can’t dominate the PVP. So if you really want SWTOR Dominance, it is very important to dominate in the player battle arena. If you are a Jedi Knight Sentinel, the most promising build that you can follow is a 0-37-4 setup which emphasizes 37 points in the Combat talent tree and 4 points in the Focus tree. The reason for this is to generate a burst damage that can quickly eliminate your opponents once you start battling with them. For a Jedi Knight Guardian on the other hand, the recommended PVP spec is also 0-37-4, but with 37 points instead on the Vigilance talent tree. This Jedi Knight Guardian build ditches defense in return for more damage and this is also one of the most popular setups to put pressure on the healers of the opposing faction.

These are just some of the free and best SWTOR Jedi Knight Builds that you can find over the internet and hopefully you can get something out of it. Remember to tweak and test depending on your preferences and adjust these free Jedi Knight build according to your style of play. SWTOR Crafting Guide can also help you maximize what kind of Jedi Knight you’ll end up in the game so look out for them.

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