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Star Wars is One Of The Greatest Stories of Our Time.. - More Product. More Exclusives. No other series of movies has had such an impact on the world as the Star Wars movies. Many movies are based around the premise of ‘Good vs Evil’ but the Star Wars saga tells it like no other. For those who grew up during the 80s, Star Wars will always have a special place in the hearts. As you can imagine, the amount of star wars memorabilia associated with the Star Wars movies is mind boggling. Thanks to the Internet it’s possible to find rare and valuable Star Wars memorabilia from all over the world.


The Best Place to Find Star Wars Memorabilia?

This really depends on what type of Star Wars memorabilia you are looking for. If you are looking for general Star Wars merchandise, the official has some incredible Star Wars memorabilia and plenty of unique star wars merchandise that you probably never even new existed. Some of their more popular items include light sabers, storm trooper outfits, men’s Eau Lando Calrissian Cologne and a Darth Vader toaster!millenium falcon

It’s really worth taking a look at the Star Wars merchandise that’s available there. You can certainly find some really good gifts for any Star Wars fanatics that you might know.

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Other Places That Have Star Wars Memorabilia

Amazon, one of world’s biggest online retailers has quite a big collection of Star Wars memorabilia. Because the movies were so popular with children there were so many different types of Star Wars toys made. Many of the original Star Wars toys can be found on Amazon as well as all of the Star Wars memorabilia and merchandise from the newer Star Wars movies (Episode 1,2 & 3).

Below is a small sample of the Star Wars merchandise available at Amazon. To see the full range go to the Star Wars page.



Rare Star Wars Memorabilia

Apart the Star Wars memorabilia found at Amazon and at, there is plenty of rare Star Wars memorabilia out there just waiting to be found. Perhaps the most collectible Star Wars items are the classic Star Wars figures such as Han Solo and Luke Skywalker figures from the original movies. Some can still be found in their original packages which are worth a lot of money.

Besides the Star Wars toys, there are limited edition DVDs, posters and clothing that have become collector’s items. Perhaps the most sought after Star Wars memorabilia though are props and models that were used in the actual Star Wars movies. If you can get your hands on such things you are very lucky.

Collecting Star Wars movie memorabilia has become a lot easier in recent years thanks to the Internet. Places like eBay have made it possible to see what Star Wars memorabilia people are selling anywhere in the world. As long as you have an eBay account you can easily get your hands on some rare Star Wars Memorabilia anywhere in the world.

A small selection of the Star Wars memorabilia that is available right now can be seen below. but for for much more check the eBay pages on the right of the screen to see what Star Wars Memorabilia is available in your country and oversees. - More Product. More Exclusives.


‘May The Force Be With You’