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Spandex Leotards for Every Occasion

lycra leotardSpandex leotards never go out of fashion, whether they are the newer spandex/cotton mix or the classic shiny spandex that was popular in the 80s and 90s. In fact shiny spandex leotards are making quite a big comeback now thanks to the popularity of wet look leggings.

Wet look leggings have once again popularized shiny clothing. Latex and PVC are not the most suitable of materials to wear which is why many people opt for the shiny spandex leggings instead. Spandex is a much more comfortable to wear.

There are so many different types of spandex leotard to choose from. It really depends on what you want the leotard for. Classical black leotards are suitable for ballet where as shiny colored leotards make great dance wear or even nightclub wear. Of course for competitive gymnastics, another type of leotard needs to be worn which will depend on the type of gymnastics you intend doing.

Whatever type of spandex leotard you are looking for you need to make sure that it fits you well and suits your bodyshape. If you decide to get a really high cut spandex leotard then you should definitley wear it with some nice leggings or pantyhose.

The shiny spandex look may not be as popular as it once was but it is undoubtedly the best looking type of leotard. If you do go for a shiny leotard, you’re better off going for plain colors rather than patterned.

Amazon has a nice selection of leotards, catsuits and leggings. We’ve included a small selection here but there are many more on their online store. eBay is also a great place to pick up cheap leotards, both new and secondhand.

When buying a spandex leotard check the size carefully. Even though spandex is capable of stretching a lot, you should buy a spandex leotard that will fit you comfortably and give you freedom of movement.

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