Solar Power – The Pros and Cons

Is Solar Power The Best Choice For You?

house with solar panelsThe main pros and cons of a solar power house are listed below as a starting point for what to weigh out when it comes to making this type of change.  They take a broad view of the big considerations so you can get an idea if solar is for you or not.

Before considering the positives of solar power it is wise to look at the negatives to know if any one negative would eliminate you choosing to examine solar power in more depth.  So here they are.

MONEY – You probably knew that it was coming and yes it’s here.  The big con is the initial outlay to get set up with a solar system to begin with.  The minimum you would be looking at to start rolling with a pre packaged bundle would be in around the $5000 mark and up from there.  It is the investment of today that sometimes deters people from reaping the benefits in the future. However the cheaper option is to build your own cheaper DIY solar panels.

THE SET UP – You may or may not have seen solar panels set up on the occasional roof somewhere.  When you are going solar you need a big space to place the panels so that they can collect the sun.  In some cases this space needs to be up to 1000 sq feet or so.  You also have to be aware of the direction your roof faces if you are thinking of going that road.  Some other smaller factors are storage of the batteries, converters and other equipment you will need.

INSURANCE – Many people consider creating their own home solar system to save enough money to make the investment worth it to them. The only challenge with this, is that a self installed system may invalidate your insurance if you have a fire that is caused by the solar system you have put in place.  To learn more check with your insurance company before making any moves.

The pros are as simple as the cons, and one is even the same…

Money – I know it was a cons, but only in the short run.  In the long run it is actually a huge pro and the main reason that people convert to these systems. You will use power for your whole life so why continue to pay someone for it when you can generate it yourself.  You may also be able to put power back into the power grid for even greater financial rewards.

Environment – The list here is long.  There are no global warming effects with solar, no gas emissions, very little waste as it is mostly recyclable and the system just lasts a long time.  About 25 years for the panels and 11 for the batteries.  The other major piece is that the energy is renewable, we will never run out no matter how much we use it!  You can also support local green companies that can support you in your conversion, helping to make them pillars in our societies.

Independence – This is my personal favorite.  You are no longer reliant on a big company to supply you with power.  With your own system you make your own.  This can feel really good to the average home owner who spends a lot just to have the basics in their home everyday.

With the pros and cons in mind you can make a solid decision to go on exploring solar for your home or otherwise.  It is a great option for many and maybe for you as well. Another popular choice of course is the magnetic generator which has gained popularity

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