Singing is Easy Review

Is Learning to Sing Easy?

Singing is Easy is the cheapest option from the three programs we’ve reviewed. At just under $30 it is a pretty cheap product.

Yvonne DeBandi, a Florida State University School of Music graduate and professional singing coach is the person behind this product. With such credentials it’s surprising that she didn’t decide to produce a more complete product instead of aiming at the budget end of the market.

First published in 2003, it has now been re-released in its second version. Even this second version has been around for some time and it doesn’t really capitalize on the advancements of computer technology like other singing programs such as Singorama.

Singing Is Easy is basically an intereactive eBook that’s made up of various elements such as images, diagrams and quizzes which really only serve to compliment what is essentially a text-based course.

Just like the other programs we reviewed, Singing is Easy is an instant download, so once purchased you can start your singing lessons right away.

The course consists of 45 audio tracks which run for just over an hour and a half. For the money it’s not bad but when compared to the hours of detailed singing lessons that you get with Singorama, it appears pretty weak.

In truth, despite the fact that Singing is Easy contains a lot of information; it doesn’t really focus on any one topic for long enough. The course briefly touches in some of the important things such as how to take care of your vocal chords and how to prepare yourself before singing.

The lessons do have the ability to improve the way you sing, despite only touching on some of the more important aspects of singing. A neat feature is that some of the lessons include training review questions along with interactive quizzes that help to cement everything you’ve learned.

It also comes with a variety of ready-to-print weekly and monthly practice logs, goal worksheets, and range worksheets but fails to include any of the noteworthy bonuses that come with Singorama.

One thing worth mentioning is that if you buy Singing is Easy you get access to Yvonne DeBandi ‘s “Everything-to-do-with-singing” forum. You can also send her singing-related email questions for her to answer.


If you are on a budget and can’t afford the award-winning Singorama, then Singing is Easy can certainly help improve your singing voice. It’s not as in-depth and doesn’t include the extra bonuses that Singorama has but it’s still pretty good value for $30.

If you just want to try singing and it’s not your dream to win American Idol or Xfactor then give it a go. If you are serious about becoming a professional singer then invest in Singorama, it’s in a different league!

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