Simple Steps to Make Alkaline Water

The Alkaline Diet

Alkaline WaterThe alkaline diet has become a very good fad that is highly recommended for everyone to follow.  It isn’t just like any other diet that promises so much and after you’ve tried it, you end up being miserable.  The good thing with this diet is that you have the complete diet – both solid and liquid form.  You can even make alkaline water on your own.

Here are what you’ll be needing:

–           Water with calcium and magnesium

–           Water ionizer

–           Osmosis water filter

–           pH booster supplement

–           baking soda

Prepare the water ionizer and pour all of the desired amount of water into the water ionizer.  Have the water being run into the reverse osmosis water filter.  This type of filter eliminates all the acidity that the water may contain.  Add the pH booster supplement to further enhance the alkalinity of the water.  Also, to further reduce or possibly totally eliminate the acid levels of the water, you can add baking soda to the water.

What can alkaline water be capable of doing for your body?  The alkaline water that will be produced from the process mentioned above will contain almost zero acids or bases.   It will help neutralize the acidity in your body, even if you have minimal intake of alkaline foods.  Although this is not as highly effective as the alkaline forming foods, the alkaline water will be able to effectively shield your body from many common diseases like colds, coughs, flu and common infections.  It is both anti bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

If you have a poor digestion, just having at least 10-12 glasses of alkaline water will ensure your digestive system’s  dramatic improvement.  Also, your body will experience a thorough cleansing.  It is highly recommended that you accompany this with at least 30 – 40 percent daily intake of alkaline forming foods.

Choose to live healthy and live a longer life too without having to spend much of your hard earned money.  Alkaline diet – both liquid and solid intake will drastically cause great changes to your health.

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