Simple DIY Car Projects

Is It Time to Modify Your Car?

HID KitHave you  been wondering what you can do to set you car apart from all of the other cars just like yours?  There are several projects that you can do, from simple to very complicated.  Some simple projects are things like debadging (removing all of the nameplates from the body panels), installing a HID conversion kit or HID fog lights.  Some more complex projects are things like replacing the struts and springs with either sport struts and springs or even a coilover suspension.  If you are more comfortable and have the ambition you could take on adding a turbo or supercharger.  For the purpose of this article we will take a look at some easy projects.

Debadging:  this could be one of the easier things that you can do.  Most cars these days use nothing more than automotive double stick foam tape to hold the pages to painted surface.  I good trick for safely removing these badges is to use a good quality heavy dental floss.  This will allow you to get between the badge and the body panel without damaging the paint surface.  Just hold floss vertical and move it up and down in a sawing motion.  You should be able to quickly get through the tape. Then use some goo gone to remove the left over tape residue.

Installing a HID conversion kit:  This is on the more difficult side of simple DIY projects, but is attainable if you plan ahead and take your time.  Since the conversion kit will come with detailed instructions all you really need to do is remove your factory lights and install all of the elements of the kit.  You’ll need secure and dry locations for the ballasts and the ignitors which is not an issue for most cars.  The other important tip is to ensure that you wire connects are solid.

Installing HID Fog Lights:  For most cars you can find a kit that will replace the OEM fog lights that came with the car.  This means that you can easily remove the factory lights and install the new fogs very quickly.  However, this may not be the case with all cars as some bumper designs require that you remove the entire bumper cover to expose the mounting hardware.  If you are  not sure, check out some online car forums that deal with your particular car.  These online car communities are a great resources, but do a search before asking questions as many situations have been dealt with already.  If you come up empty just go ahead and ask away.

With these few ideas hopefully you’ll find some inspiration to make some changes and add a little uniqueness to your car.

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