Setting Up Website Hosting

Website Hosting – Things to Know

Maybe you already have a website already? If you do you may be surprised to learn that you can host as many sites as you want under one account. Most website hosting these days costs around $5 per month for a reliable package. Many people, myself included like to use HostGator. It’s good quality hosting and lets you host as many websites as you want, although I suggest you don’t have more than 60-70 on one account.

Once you have your hosting account you can just use addon domains for all your other websites. It really just means you get all your websites in one place where you can easily mange them. So the first thing you should do is do a bit of keyword research and find a niche that you think may be profitable or maybe just something you are interested in and right down the keyword phrase. For example, blue fluffy bunnies.

Then go to Hostgator and setup your hosting account. I think they give you a free domain name which you can use as your main account. You want this to be your main keyword phrase. So if your niche website was about blue fluffy bunnies, you would want to try and get If .com is not available (which is usually the case) go for .net or .org.

Once you have finished setting up your web hosting, that’s it, you have your own real estate on the web. Your own space to sell your things or to make affiliate commission by promoting other people’s things. And every time you start a new niche website, you just add it to your main hosting account for no extra charge. So for under $5 dollars a month you have enough space for around 70 websites. I think you’ll agree, that’s pretty good value!

Things Not to Do

Don’t take forever trying to come up with the perfect domain name. The chances are that your first website or two may not be profitable. Don’t worry, think of it as a learning experience. Another reason to not worry is that you can always sell your website on Flippa for anywhere from $10-$2000! There are some great tutorials in WordPress Goldmine for using Flippa and selling websites. Even if you sign up for a year with Hostgator, they give you your money back if you decide to cancel your account. You’re never tied into a 12 month contract so the risk is minimal.

The Most Important Thing is To TAKE ACTION!

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