Selecting The Best Camping Tent

Camping Tents – Things to Consider

best camping tentsWhen you have made plans for the camping trip you have planned for a while and have begun to prepare all the necessary items you will need, selecting the best tents becomes a very important task. You will want a model that is large enough for storing gear and sleeping. You will also want one that will sufficiently keep you and all the others in your party warm and dry. Some things to consider are how many people will be using it and how much time you want to spend setting up the shelter.

There are different types of shelters that can be used for Summer outings, when the weather is warm, compared to what you may need for going out into the wilderness in the colder months. There are models designed for cooler weather that are made with some insulating properties. For warmer weather, you may want to consider those models that have plenty of screen windows to let the breeze in. Preparing for a camping trip also means preparing for the possibility of rain. The device you select should also have some means of keeping the rain out. Many of the best camping tents are waterproof, but it helps to have an additional covering, such as a rain fly. Many of the newer models come with one, though you will need to make sure it is included.

The number of people in the party or family will also help you decide how large the shelter must be and even the shape that you may choose. Many families choose slightly larger models, so they can sleep comfortably and still keep their gear and extra clothing inside. You will also want to make sure that everyone stays comfortable throughout the night. Some additional supplies may help the trip go much more smoothly.bes

An additional piece of heavy plastic or a tarp under the shelter can help keep moisture away if it should happen to rain. Extra tent pegs are always a good idea. Sometimes they break or the shelter needs to be secured more tightly, due to high winds. A pop up model only requires four stakes on the corners, though often there is a loop to add some on the sides. A large canvas shelter that takes more than one person to set it up will require many more stakes.

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