Sandstone Paving Home Projects

Would Sandstone Paving Look Good Around Your House?

sandstone pavingIf you’re in the market to do some remodeling around your house you are going to want to look at sandstone paving. I have been doing remodeling projects for close to 20 plus years now, and sandstone is by far one of the best looking products on the market today.

One of the projects that it works best on is in the front yard.  I have used it with my sidewalk and also the driveway.  When you combine the two you get a very modern look but it also makes it look like you spent more than you have.  Sandstone is very reasonable in price and also very durable.  For the price of pouring concrete with a brick boarder, you could install sandstone paving.   When your shopping, make sure you pick out the color ahead of time.  You are able to get just about any color imaginable.  I like to match the stone with the trim of the house to help bring out the different accents of the home.

One nice thing about sandstone paving is, your able to cut or break it up fairly easy.  If you are trying to add some depth or texture to your driveway, I recommend busting up a pallets worth, and laying them out in a Mosaic pattern.  I did that on one customer’s driveway and it ended up landing me 5 additional jobs.  Customers like something different and that stands out from what everyone else has.  One other great feature about using sandstone paving is the value it adds to your home.

I took what left over sandstone paving I had and used it in the backyard on a project as well.  My customer wanted to install a hot tub and needed a foundation. Once the sandstone was installed I mounted a pop up gazebo, so they could use it during the different seasons, and then installed the hot tub on that.

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