Safety Precautions To Be Used While Operating A Sack Trolley

Operating A Sack Trolley – What You Need to Know

health and safetyA warehouse trolley is a mechanical tool that can be used with ease to move heavy objects from one place to another. It is very easy to load, move and operate, but still it requires precautions, which needs to be taken while using it. Certain accidents do take place, if it is not handled properly. Given below are certain precautions that need to be taken, in order to avoid any accident while operating it.


The most important precaution, which needs to be taken, is about the wheels. An operator should always check the wheels before loading the trolley. The wheels are going to carry the load. You must make sure that the wheels are not worn out and if they appear to be so, then get them repaired. The wheels should run freely and thus, they should be lubricated regularly.

A sack trolley should always be well maintained. Check the handles for utmost comfort and a tight grip. The handle should not be lower than the waist or higher than shoulder height. If the trolley has brakes, then you should check them too.

Loading the right amount of weight is very important. Before you load it, you might want to check the sticker behind the trolley, which has its dimensions and loading capacity details. Make sure you never exceed the said capacity of load, as it will weaken your trolley and eventually breaking it.

Special emphasis should be given to balancing your weight while pushing it. If you are climbing the stairs or slope, then make sure you follow the precautionary measures. Double check the wheels and the handle breaks of your trolley. You’ll also need to make sure that a kind of trolley is used for rough and smooth surface as various types of trolleys are available for different surfaces.

Safety comes first and hence, you must always ensure that you take the right precautions while using a Sack Trolley.

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