Relationship Advice for Rookies

Relationships Can Sometimes Be Difficult at First

man and womanIf you are new to dating then hold onto your seat belt because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.  Anyone who knows anything about dating realizes that you have to make mistakes in order to move forward.  While there is such a thing as a perfect date, sometimes you have to go through a few bad experiences first.  The good news is when everything goes right and you make that connection then there is nothing like it in the world.  Here are some simple relationship advice for rookies that will help you to get started.

Don’t elevate the situation to unreasonable levels by being too romantic on the first date.  It depends on the situation but usually two people are just trying to get to know one another.  If you start talking about marriage and having kids too soon the other person is likely to be freaked out.  So play it cool and keep things casual and light until you move to the next stage of your relationship.

You should always be prepared for any contingency whether the date is going well or not.  If things aren’t going as planned it’s important to stay polite and keep your manners with you.  You may also want to have an escape route or a good excuse for ending the date early.  Just make sure that it isn’t too obvious because there’s no reason to be mean.

Pay attention to all of the basic dating rules such as showing up on time, dressing nicely, and holding doors open when appropriate.  Above all else, really listen when your date talks and put some effort into creating an engaging conversation.  A date is a chance for your personality to shine through so you should let that be the main selling feature of your time together.  Remember there are no magic love spells that will make someone fall in love with you automatically, so you have to do your best with what you have.

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