Product Review of the Adidas Barricade 6.0

Are These Really The Best Tennis Shoes on The Market?

adidas barricade 6If you are a tennis player you will no doubt heard about the new Adidas Barricade 6.0 sports shoes. They are being touted as one of the most tough and durable kinds of tennis shoe for the competitive tennis player.  These shoes are designed specifically to handle even the worst abuse and can keep you standing after long hours on the court.  Some players have reported comfort problems though, citing painful toe jamming in the toe box area.  Keep reading to find out if the Barricades are right for you.

Tennis Footwear for the Competitive Player

First of all, these are pricey tennis shoes at just over $100.  The casual player not only doesn’t need a pair this durable, but probably shouldn’t waste their money.  Unless you’re out on the court for more than eight hours a week, you’ll most likely be fine with a casual pair of tennis shoes because they won’t wear out too quickly.

The quick and sharp movements that an experienced tennis player makes out on the court require sufficient support and stability.  Players above even a 3.5 NTRP rating will probably benefit from wearing a pair of shoes that makes support and stability a priority.  The Barricade shoes are top of the line in both of these categories, utilizing the “claw” support structures on the side of the shoe.

This model of the Barricade 6.0 is the most durable out on the market today.  Competitors like the Nike Court Ballistec 3.3 come close, but simply can’t quite match the tough outsole of the Barricades.  Solid construction and a quality outsole prove to be a winning formula built into the Barricades

Comfort and Fit Problems

The most common complaint from players about the Barricades is that they don’t fit well around the toe area.  In play tests, the majority of players did report painful jamming in the front of the shoe.  Some were able to remedy this by sizing up by 1/2 a shoe size, but this can offset the gains in support and stability that you might otherwise see.  It’s best to try this shoe on before purchasing it because of the fit problems others have experienced.  Sizing up by half a size may be the solution, but it could also make for an uncomfortable fitting pair of tennis shoes.

Overall the Barricades are some of the best tennis shoes available today.  The most important thing is to watch out for sizing around the toe box.  These shoes could still use to lose a little weight, but Adidas is listening to it’s customer base and continues to deliver a cutting edge product.

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