Princess Cut Rings

If it’s the pure serene look of diamonds or is it just fallout from the tradition, one actually doesn’t know, but we all believe that diamonds have their own way of sharing emotions and preserving the moment for eternity. So when it comes to an engagement ring we prefer diamonds if at all we can afford them. A princess cut diamond ring to go down with the wedding gown is any lady’s dream.  Even otherwise a simple but elegant diamond ring is just an awesome piece to posses.

 Diamonds are pretty expensive though they come out in different ranges, but at a deeper insight one could say the price is both a turn on and turn off. When you gift someone with a diamond ring it’s your way of telling them they are equally priceless to you. When you are talking of diamonds it’s not actually the size that counts, it’s the perfection and brilliance that makes it a real crowd puller. And not to forget the four Cs- Color, clarity, cut and carat. Princess cut rings are the relatively latest and the most popular cut pattern among the lot. The best color to go with a princess cut diamond ring would be an H or I diamond color, but I color would mean an even higher price whereas H could serve the purpose equally good. Princess cut goes best with VS2 or SL1 clarity and with them you could almost see that your diamonds do look pretty clean to your eyes.

There are these little things that you need to know before making the grand purchase and that is it. After all at the end of the day you’d feel really satisfied and worth the effort when you look down at your precious little princess cut diamond ring because it is really going to look that awesome.

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