Preventing Damage from Teething Puppies

Is Your Puppy Teething?

teething puppyOne of the first problems that many dog owners experience is chewing. Teething puppies may chew on almost anything; teeth marks are found on furniture, shoes have been gnawed and left scattered through bedrooms and living rooms, and children’s toys may be left littered about with little holes in them from a teething pup. Although the behavior is annoying and destructive, there is a reason for it: the puppy is experiencing teething pain.

Dogs experience teething in much the same way that babies do. Like a baby, you can tell if puppy teething is occurring by checking for bleeding or swollen gums. Another sign of teething may be missing milk teeth. By seven months, puppies will have all forty-two teeth. While these teeth break through the gums, they can leave the mouth sore and in pain, leading to chewing. The chewing helps the puppy to relieve some of the pain and discomfort that goes along with getting new teeth.

There are many different solutions that an owner can offer a teething puppy to help easy the discomfort. The benefits to the owner are immense, as there will be a reduction in the amount of chewed footwear and marred furniture. The benefits to the pup are obvious; a reduction in pain and irritable gums. Basic items for teething puppies include toys, which can be purchased from a local pet store. These toys only work, though, when the owner redirects the puppy from the destructive chewing by offering a toy, and gives praise when the pup is chewing on the correct item. Ice and froze produce may also help with a teething puppy, much like it does with children.

A dog play pen is a good investment for when the owner has to leave the animal alone for any length of time. It is also helpful at night to prevent the puppy from roaming around the home and chewing on things while the owner is sleeping. The pens look much the same as those used for small children and provider a safe location for the animal to play and to only chew on appropriate items .

Taking a dog to run errands, or even out to play, can be beneficial as well. It also helps to get a pet used to being transported by car. This will be extremely helpful when you must take your pet to the vet or if you decide to bring your pup on vacation.  A dog car restraint may be purchased for these trips. The use of a restraint will confine your dog to one area of the vehicle which will help you better control what the pup is able to chew. It will also help prevent injuries in the event of an accident and can be used as a walking harness as well.

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