Practicing Safe Archery

A Compound Bow Can Be a Deadly Weapon – Use it Responsibly

The sport of archery can be a very satisfying one as you take aim and release an arrow at a target that you can actually hit. It is important to be aware of the safety aspects surrounding the sport too because the equipment can be very dangerous if not used properly or the proper precautions are not followed. A very important factor is learning about the correct ways to hold a bow before you have taken the step of buying one. Once you buy a compound bow you will be responsible for handling a potentially deadly weapon.

Luckily, compound bows are created in a wide range of sizes that suits all experience levels and this means that even those who are new to the sport should have little difficulty in drawing the bowstring and firing reasonably accurately. Aspects such as the correct shooting stance and method of release will be necessary to learn regardless of whether you have bought a Browning, Hoyt, PSE or Mathews compound bow. Injury can occur through shooting with poor technique and regular practice will help strengthen your muscles and improve all aspects of using your bow.

The local shooting range will provide you with the perfect environment to learn to properly shoot your bow. The advantage with shooting at a range is that there will be others around, often more experienced shooters, who can help you out with technical details such as your stance and grip that you might otherwise be unaware of. By quickly learning the correct technique it will soon feel more natural to draw back the string and fire.

It is very important to be aware of where others are standing when you are shooting, but safety in archery is also about protecting yourself from injury or discomfort during the shooting process. There is a lot of protective equipment available such as gloves, arm guards and chest guards that may be used to stop the bow from flicking the skin upon release and causing pain or injury. Clothing such as enclosed toe shoes and hats should also be worn when out hunting or covering difficult terrain.

It is up to the person holding the bow to be sensible and aware of his or her surroundings. By taking steps to minimize the risk, the archer will reduce the chance of injury or accidents to others.

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