Power and Functionality Of The Omega 1000 Juicer

Is This The Best Juicer?

omega juicerThe Omega 1000 juicer may be the best centrifugal juicer you could purchase. You can be sure of its durability since it is from Omega, a leading manufacturer that is backed up by more than 40 years of existence in the production of quality juice extractors worldwide. Contrary to what has been believed with the typical centrifugal juicer, the Omega 1000 juicer can actually properly extract leafy greens effectively. It has better yield than the other brands and models of the centrifugal juicers. What helps it to perform better is the 1/3 horsepower that generates an average of 6,200 rpms. The brushless engine doesn’t have many moving parts, so this is generally one of the most hushed-up centrifugal juicers available. You can converse in a decent dialogue with another person.

The basket is hand balance, just like the wheels that are attached to our cars, for it to virtually have zero vibration and for it not to be walking around your countertop while it is being used. The blade is manufactured from stainless steel and you’ll really appreciate how durable it is when you purposely hold it and know for yourself how heavy it actually is. The blade also has a revolutionary designed plastic ring on its external borders which has little feet, this feature assists the blade to seem like its floating. The floating will allow the engine maintain its high revolutions while pushing down the vegetables.

All of the stainless steel components of this juicer are polished properly and also sandblasted to give it a mirror-like resemblance, and for it to be a delight to have in your kitchen’s counter-tops. Cleaning will actually be made more simple since all of the removable components are dishwasher safe. Omega 100 also has its very own cleaning brush for the filter to be easily cleaned.

This is a very affordable juicer and can be easily purchased in many online juicer stores which offer better prices than shopping malls. Why bother going out when you can view the actual juicer online and even watch some videos on how effective it is? I know you get my point, so grab one now!

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