Popular Festivals of Thailand

If You’re In Thailand Make Sure You Experience One of These Festivals

thai lanternsThailand is a land of festivities. The country welcomes all tourists to join hands with the locals in celebrating each moment with great enthusiasm and enjoyment. Throughout the year, Thai people find a reason to celebrate life. Their festivals are dedicated to Gods, New Year and some other aspects. Here are some of the important festivals of Thailand, which bring the spirit of togetherness.

Chiang Mai

Thailand has a unique way of celebrating the joys of nature. That is visible through the Chiang Mai flower festival, celebrated every year in the month of February. A wide variety of flowers are showcased in the festival on floral decks and people enjoy the beauty of nature.

Makha Bucha Day

This religious day sees more than thousand Buddhist disciples starting their enlightenment journey in their life. This full moon day in the month of February is not just important to those who are Buddhists, but for people of other religions as well. Bucha or puja, in Sanskrit means prayer. Makha Bucha is considered to be a day where people can get blessings from the Gods. They visit temples of their favourite Gods and walk around the shrine three times asking for blessings.

Song Kran and Pattaya Festival

The town of Pattaya celebrates the Pattaya festival showcasing parades of different kinds like beauty padres, floral parades and a lot of exciting fire works. Same as the Pattaya Festival, Thailand celebrates its New Year, the Songkran in the month of April. Also known as the Water War Festival, it includes exhibition of paintings with village people splashing water on each other. Religious people cleanse Buddha idols with rose-scented water while people splash water on each other with great enjoyment on the streets. As April is one of the hottest months of the year, this festival sees a lot of people participating with great joy.

Visakha Bucha, Buddha’s Birthday

The month of May sees Thais celebrating Visakha Bucha and the Ceremony of Royal Ploughing. One of the most important celebrations in Thailand is the Visakha Bucha, which is the celebration of Buddha’s birth and enlightenment.

The ploughing ceremony has many rituals, where the King presides over the function and the harvesting season of the coming year is predicted. May is also the month where Thais celebrate the Rocket Festival by firing rockets into the open sky, requesting it for plenty of rainfall in the current year. Just like all other festivals, this one also is followed by parades, parties and dancing.

Vegetarian Festival

Most of the Thais on the island of Phuket restrict themselves to a vegetarian diet during the month of October. This nine-day festival has parades and displays as part of the celebrations.

Loy Krathong – Homage to the Water Goddess

thai festivalThai people celebrate the Loy Krathong festival mainly to show gratitude towards the water goddess. Krathong means boat and Loy means to float. During this festival, Thais either build or buy a small boat, circular in shape, and decorate it with banana leaves, flowers, money, a lock of hair or a piece of fingernail and many candles. This festival is also an opportunity for Thais to release themselves from the stronghold of the evil spirits and invite happiness and prosperity to their lives. They float the boat on a river or into a water body after making a wish. This act of floating boats continues for two days followed by parades, get-togethers and fascinating fireworks. The festival of Loy Krathong is celebrated on the full moon day of November.

Elephant festival is another spectacular event in November. This festival sees as many as hundred elephants, showcasing their majesty through many fascinating acts in the northeast part of Thailand. Elephant parades are also held during this festival.

The end of November and the beginning December see an entire week dedicated to River Kwai Bridge, in which many exhibitions, dance performances and exhibition of World War II locomotives are organized. This festival is celebrated at the Kanchanaburi Bridge.

King’s and Queen’s Birthdays

The Thai people celebrate their King’s and Queen’s birthday with grandeur. The Queen’s birthday is usually celebrated on 14th of August, which is also celebrated as Mother’s day. The Thai King’s birthday is on October 5th and it is also a royal holiday in the country. During the birthdays of the King and the Queen, the city is decorated with colorful lights. The King addresses his people on his birthday.

New Year

Just like people in any other part of the world celebrate New Year, people in Thailand also come together to celebrate the day in a grand way.

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