Play Golf In San Francisco, The City By The Bay

Golf Near The Golden Gate Bridge

golf courseThe city of San Francisco in California is famous the world over for its Golden Gate Bridge, its mild winters and warm summers. It is in San Francisco where you can find the oldest athletic club in the USA. Called the Olympic Club, it has a private golf course that has hosted the US Open.

The Harding Park Golf Course is a public golf course bordered by Lake Merced and hosted the 2010 Charles Schwab Cup Championship. Aside from these two exceptional golf courses, San Francisco also boasts several other noteworthy golf resorts, two of them listed below that are well worth checking out. If you’re searching to improve your game on a nice relaxing golfing holiday, then you can do no better than give yourself a good holiday insurance and fly off to the world-famous City by the Bay.

The San Francisco Golf Club is for players who want a good game of golf with no muss or fuss obstructing their way. Unlike other golf resorts that feature spas, restaurants and other facilities, this golf club is exactly what it is: a golf club. Good for hardcore golfers with rigorous golf travel insurance and state of the art equipment who disdain beginners only pretending to play golf for five minutes before heading off to the bar or cocktail lounge.

The Golden Gate Park Golf Course is for the beginner who doesn’t like to feel awkward around expert golfers strutting around swinging their clubs with perfect rhythm. Their motto is: “Where San Francisco Learns To Play Golf,” and they do just that with their easy nine-hole course and helpful staff. And should you wish to refresh yourself with other distractions, the Golden Gate Park also has plenty of other features such as the popular Conservatory of Flowers, the De Young Museum, the Academy of Sciences and the scenic Japanese Tea Garden.

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