Plasma TV Mounts

The Best Place for a Plasma TV is On The Wall!

plasma tvPlasma televisions were a major leap forward in technology when they were first released. The picture is much clearer and the screens are far bigger than the cathode ray televisions we all grew up with. Another major change that has come with plasma televisions is how thin they are. Many Plasmas are only four inches thick and some are even thinner. Yet so many people choose to display their Plasma TV the same way is they did their old TV by placing it on a piece of furniture.

The best way to display it though is on a TV mount. Plasma mounts will hold your TV up on the wall so that it does not take up floor space. They also look much better mounted this way. Let’s face it, It looks funny to have a very thin TV taking up only a few inches of a large piece of furniture not designed to hold it.


Fitting Your TV Mount is Pretty Easy

Many people are discouraged from getting plasma TV mounts, because they think that it will be hard to install them. However, it is actually relatively easy.

  • First, you will need to buy wall mount that is made to both fit your Plasma TV and the type of wall it will be mounted on.
  • Next, figure out if you want to go though the trouble of putting your wires behind the dry wall or buying a surface mount conduit that the wires can easily be placed behind.
  • Now that you have your supplies it is time to make sure the mount is level and attach it to the wall studs with screws.
  • Your Plasma TV should slide easily and firmly into place over the mount now.
  • After it is on try to move your television to make sure it is secure.
  • Lastly, attach your wires and hide them either behind the wall or inside the conduit that you purchased.

Plasma TVs are a great advancement in technology. There is no need to waste space in your house by placing them on a large piece of furniture. With a few simple steps, any plasma TV can be mounted on your wall using an apropriate plasma TV mount.

As with most things, Amazon is one of the best places for getting TV mounts. As long as you know the make and model of your TV, ordering is very easy. An you can usually get free delivery.

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