Planning a Stress Free Wedding on a Budget

Have a Stress Free Wedding

weddingPlanning a wedding can be both tremendously exciting and very, very stressful. The pressure of creating a spectacular day that will impress everyone involved can sometime feel overwhelming, especially if you’re struggling for ideas that will make your wedding unique while working within a budget. It might be time to start thinking about some alternative wedding ideas.

Keeping an open mind when searching for a wedding dress can save on stress and budget. A traditional white dress, bought from a specialist bridal collection, can come with a very high price tag. By considering colored dresses, and buying from non-bridal retailers, you could come up with a really original look and save money. Red wedding dresses are popular and absolutely stunning in the right shade. You can find red, green, blue, even black wedding dresses for sale among prom, ballroom or other formal designs if you are willing to shop around.

Consider a smaller wedding. When writing invitations it might be worth considering whether you really want to be picking up the bar tab for long lost relative you have not seen since childhood and making small-talk with the partners of vague friends-of-friends and work colleagues. While it would be lovely to invite everyone to a huge party, a wedding is a very important day and some couples prefer to spend it only with those they feel closest to. A small wedding makes for a much more intimate and memorable occasion.

The choice of venue can be another big expense and source of stress, and another advantage of a smaller wedding party is that the options become much more flexible and varied. You might find that a beautiful venue which doesn’t usually do weddings would consider hosting a small group, or a kind family member might even provide their home for the occasion.

Opening your mind to different ideas might make the difference between a stressful wedding day and a relaxed and enjoyable time with family and friends.

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