Places to Visit in Wellington

wellingtonWellington is known for its scenic beauty and pleasant climate all year round. It attracts visitors throughout the year. Major tourist attractions in Wellington include the country’s national museum, Te Papa, Parliament Building, Wellington Waterfront, Botanical Gardens, Wellington Zoo, noted novelist Katherine Mansfield’s birthplace and Old St. Paul’s church.

Te Papa Tongarewa is the star attraction in Wellington. It is affectionately called Our Place. It has paintings, artefacts and exhibits showcasing New Zealand’s history and culture and perhaps is one of the most eclectic museums in the world. It is situated on Wellington’s harbour on 55 Cable Street, Waterfront. It runs special activities for kids during summer school holidays and is a fun place for kids and adults alike where kids have fun and have something to learn too.

Wellington waterfront was once a bustling port. It has now changed into one of the city’s most attractive places. It is home to many restaurants, cafes, bars, museums and shopping centres. The famous Te Papa Tongarewa is located on the Wellington waterfront.

The Wellington Botanical Garden boasts of exotic varieties of flora and fauna. It covers around 25 hectares or 62 acres. It takes around half a day to explore the entire garden. The gardens have some native species of plants on display which are not found in other parts of the world. To reach the Wellington Botanical garden one has to take a cable car from Lambton Quay. The garden is open from sunrise to sunset. It offers a great view of the city as it is situated on a hilltop.

Wellington Zoo opened in 1906. It is the oldest zoo in New Zealand. It has more than 500 animals including red pandas, meerkats, Sumatran tigers and many other native African and Asian wildlife. The Wellington Zoo is located in Newtown.

Amongst Wellington’s many churches, Old St. Paul’s is probably the most stunning church. It was constructed in mid 1850s and is made entirely of timber. It is constructed in the 19th century Gothic style. It has beautiful wooden arches and stunning stained glass windows. Old St. Paul’s church is located in Thorndon on Mulgrave Street.

The Parliament Buildings of Wellington is a complex housing three different buildings each constructed in a different architectural style. The Parliament House is constructed in the Edwardian neoclassical style, the Parliament Library in Victorian Gothic and the Beehive building constructed in 1970s.

Katherine Mansfield Beauchamp is one of the best short story writers the world has known. Her birthplace is in the district of Thorndon. It is well preserved by the government and a visit here would take you back in time to the Victorian New Zealand of the 1880s.  With these  New Zealand travel tips and Wellington travel tips you won’t miss visiting the important places in Wellington.

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