Pet Urn Options

Urns For Pets

A pet’s death can be devastating, years of love and loyalty can leave a pet owner very emotionally involved when their beloved pet passes away. It could have been the family dog that traveled everywhere by your side and protected your children, or the cat of a single individual, always there to provide some company or to cuddle on the couch. Pet’s have a very therapeutic  quality to them, it is not surprising that the bonds between them and their owners are so strong. So when dealing with the loss of a pet, many owners do not know where to turn. They would love to memorialize the bound in some way, find a way to always remember their friend.

One option is to have the pet cremated. Pet cremation undertakes the same process that a human cremation would, the body is incinerated and pummeled the results being placed in pet urns for ashes. There is a large variety in types of pet urns, more so than in the human equivalent, it’s not uncommon for one retailer to have hundreds of options. Any type of container you can imagine can be fashioned as an urn for your pet. Anything from a  wooden box with an engraved plaque to a large golden urn that more resembles a traditional human urn.

There are also options that appear less formal; a wood or plastic container with a large porcelain figurine depicting a generic version of your dog or cat, and for the ultimate memorial a custom figurine depicting a tiny little version of your friend. The possibilities are endless and generally speaking the cost of urns for pets is very affordable. As with any product, quality can vary as well as workmanship, but even a high quality urn with great aesthetics shouldn’t break the bank.

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