Overcoming Anxiety by Avoiding or Limiting Caffeine Intake

Is Caffeine Causing You Anxiety?

coffee beansPanic attacks are associated with fear of certain things or situations. Just thinking about this feared person, object or situation is enough t to trigger panic attacks in a person. There are other types of panic attacks which do not have a definite stimulus that brings them about. This is what makes them a great challenge to treat. According to the National alliance on Mental Illness of the United States, about 2% to 5% of Americans suffer from panic attacks and overcoming anxiety is one of their biggest goals.

Caffeine and Panic Attacks

If you want to be free from panic attacks, you must be ready to make some changes to your diet and lifestyle. One of the things which you will have to eliminate from your diet is caffeine. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and also speeds up most of the body’s functions. Some of the things it can do are make your heart beat faster and increase your breathing rate. Caffeine also tends to make a person anxious or jittery. It produces effects which are similar to that of the symptoms of panic attacks. Experts say that it is best for people with anxiety and panic attacks to avoid caffeine altogether.

For some people who cannot let go of caffeine right away, what they can do is slowly reduce the amount of caffeine taken in a day until such time when it is alright for that person to totally let go of caffeine. Researchers at the Duke University Medical Center conducted studies and found that caffeine amplified stress among drinkers.

It is very important for people who suffer from panic attacks to closely monitor their caffeine intake, as well as include other healthy habits in their life. These healthy habits will help conquer panic attacks.

You should have a well-balanced diet which comprised mostly of vegetables and fruits and regular exercise. It is also help you to analyze the things, people or events which make you anxious. How to stop a panic attack? You may consult a therapist or a psychologist so undergo CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy. This is therapy which addresses the root cause of anxiety so you get long-term results without the negative side effects. A lot of people who have undergone CBT have nothing but good things to say about it. They say that it helped them deal with their situation better and others said they have been cured of panic attacks.

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