Origo Traverse Peak Altimeter and Compass Watch

Definitely One of The Best Watches Ever

Origo Traverse Peak Altimeter and Compass WatchMajority of watch users want a timekeeper that gives them exact information when they need it and where they want it. Furthermore, it has to be very clear that wouldn’t take a lot of their time just trying to analyze the reflected data. Origo Transverse Peak Altimeter and compass watch has all the answer to their need. Such timekeeper is encased in a 53 mm case diameter in 18 mm thickness. With its digital data, graphic weather forecasting indicator, and temperature function, it is easy to get your needed information in a glance.

This watch has multiple functionalities that would definitely come very useful not only in your outdoor activities but in everyday life as well.

As an Altimeter Watch This uses one touch direction access altimeter. It has an altitude graph with past 8 hours trend. Using 1 meter resolution, it has 75 altimeter data memories with date, altitude and time.          Surely, you will be updated on your ascent/descent progress if you use this on one of your mountain trek. Or even in one of your morning jog as you try to run on a slope nearby or play with your bicycle along the neighborhood.

As a Compass You will never get lost with its compass enhancement. In your out of town travel, this can be very helpful together with a map while trying to locate for a certain location. You can access its compass directly with its one touch activation. You will also be assured to always stay on the right path with its bearing lock. And for a more accurate result, you are free to use its adjustable declination.

As a chronograph Using 1/100 second chronograph and split time, this type of altimeter and compass watch has 99 lap memories stored in a maximum of 99 runs.

Other Features: It has 2 daily alarms and soft blue EL backlight. The battery life of Traverse Peak Altimeter and Compass Watch is expected to last for 1 year. This is also water resistant; which is very important when you are exposed outdoor. It can be used under water up to   165 feet. This watch also weighs 53 grams.

If you think altimeter and compass watches are only suited for an outdoor adventure, then this watch proves you to be wrong.  Its features can be very helpful in your daily encounters and can be of great use in the least expected times. So next time you think on buying an altimeter and compass watch, consider choosing Origo traverse Peak Altimeter and Compass Watch.

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