Organize Those Toys!

Do Your Kids Need a Toy Organizer?

wooden toy organizerLet’s face it.  Kids’ toys can quickly get out of control in any household, no matter how vigilant you are.  They can overtake the living room, dining room, and even the parent’s bedroom if you are not careful!  Fortunately, there is something you can do about it.  By organizing the toys and teaching your children to pick them up, you’ll be able to enjoy a clean house again.

First, you need to start with your children.  What do they actually play with?  Most kids only play with a small fraction of their toys.  So you can save yourself a ton of work by getting rid of those they don’t play with.  If you are not sure about a toy, put it away in a box under the stairs or a similar hard to reach place.  If your child misses it, bring it back.  But most of the time, the child won’t even notice that the toy is gone.

Next, get the right tools to organize the toys.  Toy boxes are great for small amounts of toys, but they tend to get dumped out quickly.  Toy bin organizers have several bins, allowing smaller toys to be sorted.  This makes them easy to find.  Some great brands of toy bin organizers are the 4gr8 kidz pink series kids wooden 6-bin toy organizer and the Beck children’s wooden toy bin organizer with fabric bins.

Finally, teach your child the system you decide to use.  Have them help you put the toys away in the right place.  Then, you may want to do a race for putting the toys away properly.  Give out prizes and make it fun.  This helps your child remember where things go.  You will probably have to supervise for the next few weeks, but it will be worth it in the long run!

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