Never Underestimate Alcohol Poisoning

Alcohol Poisoning

alcohol poisoningAlcohol poisoning or acute alcohol intoxication is one of the leading causes of alcohol-related deaths in the world. There are an estimated 10,000 cases or more of reported alcohol poisoning in the United States on a daily basis. The worst part is that a lot of these cases of alcohol poisoning lead to untimely deaths.

This is usually because of the lack of information of the people surrounding the victim as well as the victim himself as to the different kinds of alcohol poisoning symptoms. The fact of the matter is that alcohol poisoning is a very serious medical condition. It is a short-term effect of excessive alcohol intake and is almost always fatal if left untreated. Alcohol poisoning is actually quite manageable as long as the victim receives alcohol poisoning treatment in a timely manner.

There are some symptoms that can clearly indicate the onset of alcohol poisoning but unfortunately, a lot of these symptoms are also closely associated with another less serious effect of high alcohol intake known commonly as a hangover. The major difference between a hangover and acute alcohol intoxication is that a hangover can be safely slept away and is experienced a few hours after the individual’s last intake of alcohol; on the other hand, alcohol poisoning is almost always fatal and it is quite dangerous to assume that the individual will simply sleep off its effects.

The victim could expire in a variety of ways such as through cardiovascular failure or from choking on his own vomit after losing consciousness due to loss of control of the gag reflex. The individual could also lapse into a coma and never wake up until his body systems begin to shut down one by one.

This is why it is important to never underestimate alcohol poisoning and to call a poison control center or an ambulance if you suspect that someone might be suffering from this medical condition.

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