Myths About Lower Left Back Pain

Do You Suffer From Lower Left Back Pain?

Lower left back pain is a common occurrence these days. Too common that most people just ignore it thinking it is just a case of muscle strain or over exertions of the back muscles. But be aware that there are other reasons why lower left side back pain occurs. The reasons vary but the important thing is you are aware of it and that you should be aware too of the common myths about lower left back pain that is circulating around.

Here are some of the Myths as well as the fact of the matter for you to be guided properly on what to do when you experience lower left back pain.

Myth 1: All back pain is the same
Fact 1: All back pain is not the same. Pain can be categorized to acute or chronic. Acute means pain lasting for just a few days while chronic pain means lasting for along time and that means lasting for more than three months. This kind of pain often come and goes. Most cases of lower left side back pain are acute but can often go worst if ignored for a long time.

Myth 2: Complete rest
Fact 2: Complete rest is not necessary. You can take a rest but not more than two days for it does not bring you any good at all. You need to have some movement. Just walking around and simple exercise will do. Sometime rest for a long time can worsen your condition and slow down your recovery.

Myth 3: Exercise will worsen your condition
Fact 3: Exercise is good for lower left side back pain. Specific exercise that will strengthen your back muscles can help a lot. The most important thing is you perform your exercise the right way and not overdo it to prevent any injury. Your doctor or physical therapist can design a good exercise program that will focus in curing your lower back pain. spinal decompression therapy might be a good therapy for you. Ask your doctor about it before you try it.

For individual who are not experiencing this problem, then do not be too over confident because it can strike you anytime if you are not careful with your health. The best way to prevent it is always lead a healthy lifestyle, exercise and observe correct posture all the time.

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