My Panasonic Rice Cooker

Panasonic Rice Cookers Are The Best!

panasonic rice cookerI just ate lunch. Seems nonsense to start talking like that, but the truth is that I had an exquisite veggie meal with brown rice. And the rice was perfect, fluffy, and warm. What’s my secret? Well, I started like everybody else. Wash and soak the rice for 20 minutes, add equal amounts of rice and water (with 120ml extra water in this case)…

And here’s the difference: I pushed the start button in my rice cooker before I went to the supermarket.

You see, owning a rice cooker is very convenient. I rely on these appliances so much that I even feel free to leave the apartment while they are turned on. And the reason I can do it is because they will stop the cooking process at the right time, as well as switch automatically into the keep warm mode. So I was free for some grocery shopping, as well as to prepare the rest of my meal.

After I got a Panasonic unit (aka the best rice cooker), my meals are much healthier. And I feel satisfied for longer periods of time after eating brown rice as well, so it also works to avoid those cookie cravings in the middle of the afternoon. After I got my cooker, that’s all I need to do if I want to eat brown rice. They have a bunch of features for those interested in eating healthier. And if you know anything about the glycemic index of foods, then you will figure out why.

Not to mention they cook the rice better because the inner pot has a special design, which distributes the heat evenly. The fuzzy logic technology also helps control temperature and moist throughout the cooking process. It’s like if a pro were watching the rice for you. Rice cookers cook white and brown rice. They also prepare other foods as well, such as porridge and oatmeal.

You can also pre-schedule the preparation to all of these up to 12 hours in advance. So you can have rice ready in the evening by setting it up early in the morning, as you leave for work. The same for porridge in the next morning’s breakfast. Rice cookers are also easy to store, clean and maintain.

Just perfect for our busy lives.

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