Must Visit Historic Sites in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Has a Wealth of Historical Sites

Sri LankaWith a written history that goes back more than two thousand years there are so many historic sites to visit in Sri Lanka. But there are some places which are considered must visit sites and mentioned below are the best of them. Without a doubt the most visited historic site in Sri Lanka is the Sigiriya rock fortress. Sometimes known as the palace in the sky, this world heritage site is a truly marvelous human creation. It is about three hours ride from Colombo and situated near Dambulla, which is famous for luxurious tourist hotels, another reason why Sigiriya is frequently visited by tourists.

The Sigiriya garden and boulder complex is considered on of the first landscaped gardens in Asia and you can still see the ancient water fountains working in the rainy season. It will take about one hour to reach the top of the rock and there you will find the remains of an old castle. On the way to the top you can see the famous fresco paintings of Sigiriya, very similar to the cave painting found in Ajantha caves in India. From the top you can easily see the surrounding countryside, which is the reason King Kashyapa choose this to build his fortress.

Another must visit historic site in Sri Lanka is the Galle Fort. For most people visiting Galle fort is about walking on the fort walls and enjoying the sunset, but there is so much more to this place. Built by the Portuguese when they were occupying the island, it was expanded by the Dutch and the British. There are many old building with different architecture styled spread around the fort. If you can find a good guide you can learn about the important events that happened in different places in the fort.

The ancient city of Kandy is also a must visit place if you are a lover of history. When you talk about Kandy most people just think about the temple of the tooth relic, but there are few more famous ancient places that you can visit in Kandy. The Temple of tooth relic is a big place and there are lots of things for you to see. Make sure to visit the museum inside the temple complex to get a good idea about the history about the temple and Buddhism in Sri Lanka. You can also see the replica of elephant “Raja”, which served the temple loyally for a long time. You can go around the Kandy lake in the evening to enjoy some breeze.

The place mentioned above are some of the must visit historic places in Sri Lanka. The great thing about those places is they can be explored in half a day and relatively close to Colombo as well. If you want to explore more historic places, then ancient city of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and also great visits.

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