How to Move Heavy Pallets With A Pallet Jack

Using Pallet Jacks – What You Need to Know

pallet jacksThere is always a load of some kind that must be moved around the floor of a warehouse. In order to perform this moving task quickly and without any hassle a simple machine such as a pallet jack should be on site. In a lot of cases it makes sense to use a pallet jack instead of a forklift, particularly if there are a lot of tight spaces that must be navigated.

The range spans from small manual pallet jacks for lighter loads to larger electric pallet jacks that can pick up and load heavier pallets onto the bed of trucks. Having to move heavy pallets around a warehouse without this type of mechanical help would be slow, costly and an invitation for injury.

Even the smallest mini pallet jacks are capable of hauling quite significant loads. Many warehouses have both forklifts and pallet jacks on site and there are a few benefits to using the pallet jack over the forklift. The first is they can get into smaller spaces. A manual pallet jack incurs no ongoing running costs. They are also much cheaper to buy. Forklift driving is a skill that requires training and is usually limited to a few members of the staff while a pallet jack may be operated by anyone after brief operating instructions are given.

Any load up to around 2500kg would be assigned to the pallet jack. There are larger electric pallet jacks that may be driven or operated by walking behind while steering and these machines are capable of hauling quite significant loads.

They are fast and quiet and they are still quite simple to operate. It must be remembered, though, that they are still classed as heavy machinery and they pose a risk of injury An operator must be familiar with all safety procedures and the proper care when using them must be exercised. Without a few pallet jacks available, moving pallets from place to place would cost the company a great amount of wasted time.

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