Mortgages in Poland: Young People Are Borrowing

Poland Mortgages For The Young People

mortgageMortgages in Poland are starting to be more popular than ever before. This is especially visible among young people. Before, not many Poles were comfortable taking out these so called “kredyt hipoteczny” loans. Today, it seems that this has changed and maybe for good.

The very interesting thing to mention is that increased number of young people are taking this type of loans. They are also getting married at far earlier age than a decade ago. Here are some background information regarding this phenomenon:

No Career but Marriage

Most of the Poles at a young page are far from developed career. They are usually at the very start of launching their career. Many, do not have even a job that is in their field. The economic situation in this country does not make things easier for them. It is very difficult to get a job unless you have proper credentials. By proper credentials we mean that you need job history and proper education.

Even without proper financial situation, young couples are getting married. They are trying to take advantage of the help from the government and its program called “rodzina na swoim”. That way they can receive a help to pay out a mortgage loan.

Western Influence

The very important thing that is absolutely essential here is that Poland has been influenced by Western countries for decades now. It is looking up to the United States in order to make a better decision. It often takes a few years to see what have seen in the States. Since most of the Americans borrow money whether from the credit cards or in terms of mortgage, Poles are starting doing the same.

Knowing whether this is a good thing for an economy of Poland is very difficult to predict. One thing is certain, there are mixed opinions among experts.

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