Monster Energy Drinks Ingredients and More

Know What You Are Getting

Monster Energy Drinks IngredientsThere are many different energy drinks out there on the market and it can be a hard task trying to find one that actually works since most of them are just gimmicks that are no better than ordinary soft drinks. There is a select group of drinks on the market that really give you what you pay for. Monster Energy is one such brand that provides you with a drink that gets you, and keeps you going. Here is an in-depth look into the energy drink and what it contains.

The ingredient list
The ingredient list is the most important thing to look at when considering any energy drink so that you know exactly what you are putting into your body. Also, it will help you to figure out whether the mixture will be able to do what the advertisers say. You will find the following ingredients in Monster Energy drinks:
Calories – 100
Total carbohydrates – 27g
Sugar – 27g
Sodium – 180mg
Taurine – 1000mg
Ginseng – 200mg
Other ingredients include: Caffeine, Guarana, Glucose, and L-Carnitine.

So does Monster Energy really work?

Well, when looking at the extensive ingredient list it is easy to see that this energy drink can match up to its manufacturer’s promises. The combination of simple and complex sugars will help to give you a twofold energy boost, one that you will feel almost immediately, and one that will give you sustained energy. Then there are a few special ingredients like Ginseng, which aim to enhance both mental and physical vitality.

What are your options?

Unlike some brands that only make several flavours, Monster Energy has decided to spoil you for choice. You can get a variety of different flavours including Monster Hitman Lobo, Nitrous Monster Black Ice, Monster DUB Edition and Anti Gravity.

Want more than just the energy drink?

Monster Energy drink may be well known for their awesome energy drink, but they actually have a load to offer in the way of goodies an apparel. Of course many people aren’t aware of this since the brand doesn’t advertise as much as the other brands of its kind. One of the more popular products is the Monster Energy hat, which you will see big name sports stars wearing. Then there is the Monster Energy sticker that you can stick onto just about anything. These will make for exciting additions to your bike or board.

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