Michael Myers Halloween Mask

The Iconic Michael Myers Halloween Mask

michael myers halloween maskNo one can ever forget the original Halloween movies. Michael Myers from the Halloween movies is one of the scariest characters of all time. It’s no surprise that the Michael Myers Halloween mask is one of the most popular Halloween masks of all time.

If you really want to scare your friends this Halloween, then this could be the best choice. After all, everyone knows who Michael Myers is!

Michael Myers Halloween Mask

This is a full over-the-head latex Michael Myers mask. This actual mask is made from the same mold as the one used in the first Halloween movie! How Cool is that!! It’s sure to terrify your friends this Halloween of at any fancy dress party you might be going to.

Michael Myers Adult Costume

If you want to go all the way, this full Michael Myers costume will strike terror into all your friends! Could this be the ultimate Halloween Costume? It might just be! The mask alone is one of the coolest halloween masks of all time but when you combine it with the complete costume it really takes it to the next level!

Includes: Coveralls and mask. Knife and shoes are not included.

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