Making Your Baby’s First Christmas Special

Your Baby’s First Christmas

christmas for babiesChristmas may be your favorite time of year, but is it baby’s?  If you brought a new little one into the world this year, then you may be wondering just that.  After all, how much can an infant really enjoy and remember about Christmas?  If you want to share your favorite season with your new baby in the best way possible, then here are some tips for making your baby’s first Christmas special.

The Keepsake Ornament.  One common way of memorializing baby’s first Christmas is to purchase a special ornament that will be used year after year.  There is a whole niche market of baby’s first Christmas ornaments.  You just have to find the one that you feel is best for your baby.  For example, it is not uncommon to find ornaments that you can put your baby’s picture in, that you can engrave with your baby’s name and birth date, and/or that are designed to represent the year of your baby’s birth.  One novel idea (if baby is old enough) is to shop bring baby along and let baby pick the ornament  That can be a story you tell for years to come.

The big man.  Introduce baby to Santa for the first time.  Be sure to take pictures . . . and to expect that your new addition might not know how to react to such a jolly, round and red fellow.

Trimming the tree.  Set baby up beside the Christmas tree while you decorate.  It will be a fascinating display for your little one, who will ooh and ah (or goo-goo and ga-ga) over the twinkling lights and festive ornaments.

Christmas music.  Even babies love music  Treat your new addition to some fun around the Christmas tree by playing some beloved classic Christmas tunes and dancing and singing along.  Baby will feel like the amusement park was brought straight into the living room.

Scrapbook.  While it’s true that baby won’t be able to remember much (if anything) from the first Christmas, you can still make it a day to remember by chronicling the entire day in a short memoir-style write-up.  Combine the write up with plenty of pictures, as well as a detailed “facts list” about who baby saw, what gifts baby received, which holiday treats baby liked the most, etc., in order to create a baby’s first Christmas scrapbook that even your adult child will enjoy reminiscing over years from now. Make sure you note what sites you visited, even if you spent time driving around Rancho Santa Fe real estate to check out the holiday lights.

There is a lot you can do to make your baby’s first Christmas special and memorable (even if it won’t be baby who remembers it).  Follow these suggestions to make the most out of this sacred time of year.

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