Making Jewelry Gifts Using Semi Precious Beads

Semi Precious Beads

Hand made jewelry using semi precious beads can make beautiful presents. The recipients will usually be extra pleased knowing that you spent time planning and designing their gift as opposed to just going to the local store.

If you want to make a real impression you may want to use their recipient’s birthstone to make the gift even more unique.  It is not difficult to find the stones for most birthdays.  For example, if your friend was born in March, their birth stone is aquamarine. These stones can be very pale so are best used in groups rather than using one stone to create a centerpiece.

If your friend or relative was born in April, their official birthstone is diamond. While your budget may not stretch to real diamonds you can create stunning looking pieces using Swarovski crystal which glisten and shine a little like the real thing.  Emerald beads are not readily available so you could use a green jade if their birthday falls in May. Pearl is the prefect stone for those born in June and it is possible to find Peridot chips for those born in August.

Opals for those born in September, Sapphires for those born in August and Rubies for those born in July will all cause problems as your budget is unlikely to extend to the purchase of the real stone. You can easily substitute similarly colored semi precious beads with red coral often used for July birthdays.

For those born in November, December and January the stones to use are topaz, turquoise, and garnet respectfully.  The purple Amethyst is a popular choice for jewelry even if the buyer wasn’t born in February.

Of course you can make a piece of jewelry using any semi precious beads and it is bound to be worn and appreciated. But matching the stones to the birthstone can just add that little extra sparkle to your gifts.

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