Makeup Malfunctions: Lackluster Looks To Omit From Your Repertoire

Don’t Make These Makeup Mistakes

makeupIn most cases, makeup is applied for the purpose of concealing flaws or enhancing attributes, or both. It’s truly a shame when, in an effort to appear more beautiful using makeup, we inadvertently produce the opposite effect and wind up embarrassing ourselves. Never fear, however, as cosmetics catastrophes of this nature can be avoided with relative ease! Below, you’ll find a handful of helpful tips designed to assist you with identifying and eliminating unsightly atrocities from your ever-growing library of makeup looks.

First up? Eye liner can be a wonderful thing, but – as is the case with many wonderful things in life – it can certainly be overdone to an undeniably hideous and grotesque end. It is wise to use eye liner sparingly, as opposed to roaring ahead with wild abandon. Don’t rim your entire eye with a quarter-inch of black liner because that simply isn’t flattering on anyone; instead, use it sparingly and precisely to enhance the lash line and further define your eye shadow look.

Next, have some faith in the attractiveness of your own eyebrows and stop shaving them off completely, if that happens to be a habit you’ve developed. Let your brows grow in and have them professionally shaped to whatever degree possible, then fill in the spotty parts with an appropriately colored brow pencil during your usual makeup routine. Unfortunately, drawing brows onto a bare, shaven patch of your face each day is likely to result in a lot of inconsistency, and it will never quite manage to look natural, as much as we’d all love for that not to be the case. If you just can’t bring yourself to grow out and maintain those eyebrows, you may want to check into permanent makeup.

Last, but not least: a grill full of gross, gooey lipstick is no laughing matter to the unfortunate soul who unknowingly wears it around all day. Always remember to blot your lipstick – several times, if necessary – on a paper towel or similar when applying it, so as to avoid leaving excess product on your lips. Otherwise, in a worst case scenario, you could end up going about your business for several hours with a chunky smear of lip color painted across your front teeth. Keep a small mirror and some mini-tissues in your purse to occasionally double-check your smile and blot your lipstick touch ups throughout the day.

You needn’t be the victim of any self-inflicted makeup massacres, so don’t fret. Apply cosmetics carefully and purposefully, and touch up as often as necessary. When in doubt about a particular style, do a little bit of old fashioned research and evaluation to figure out what’s what. Flip through a couple of current magazines or look at your favorite fashion websites in order to get those creative juices flowing. Compare, be inspired, gather information and use that knowledge to make an informed decision about whether or not the look you’re chasing is a catastrophe waiting to happen.

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