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3 Keys To Product Recommendations on Your Blog

make money with your blogIf you want to learn how to make money with a blog, you need to make sure you are selling products that your readers will buy.  If you are trying to sell the wrong products, you are going to have poor results.  You need to focus on recommending the right products for the “average reader” on your blog.  I will provide 3 keys that will help you master product selection for your blog:

  1. Make sure product helps solve problems —  To make money with a blog on a regular basis, you need to sell products that help your readers solve their problems.  This is a critical point and should not be overlooked.  Your readers are not going to be willing to spend money on just any information product.  They will spend money when they have a lingering problems and want to make it go away.
  2. Make sure your “average” reader can benefit from them —  You need to target your product offerings to your “average” reader.  The longer you have your blog up, the better you will hone in on who this average reader is.  You do not want to sell products that are too advanced for your “average” readers.  You do not want to try to sell them products that they have no real interest in.  This will take you some time and effort to zero in on.
  3. Make sure you have used the product and can vouch for it — You can not really vouch for a product’s quality and usefulness unless you have used it yourself.  You do not want to recommend products that you do not know anything about.  This can and will backfire on you.  You need to share products that you have used and have gotten results from.  This is the best way to keep your reputation strong with your readers.

You need to make sure you are recommending the right products to your readers.  When you target your product selection to your “average” readers, you will find a good fit.  When there is a good fit, there will be sales and you will see some income from your blog.

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