Looking at Popular Blankets and Quilts

The Microplush Throw, Minky Quilt and Fleece Blanket

quiltIf you walk into any major department store , you’re likely to see a wide selection of blankets, quilts and throws. Though these items have been a staple in homes for years, they are growing in popularity as a must-have item and make popular gifts. The number of possibilities can be surprising, as there are all types of different fabrics, styles and sizes. Whether you’re thinking about buying a new throw for your own home or a blanket for a special gift, it’s important to know about the benefits of each kind. Here are a few tips for some of the most popular styles: the microplush throw, minky quilt and fleece blankets.


1. A Microplush Throw Offers Extreme Softness

Available in various colors and sizes, the microplush throw is a popular option for everyone. Microplush is made of a soft material that is known for being particularly warm and washable. However, it’s important to take note of the individual fibers within the throw itself, as some of these throws can pill up easily and shed fibers across your carpet or bed. Look for a microplush blanket that is closely knit, in order to get the soft feeling without losing fibers all over the house.


2. The Minky Quilt is a Luxurious and Comfortable Option

This is another popular option for people looking for comfort and warmth from a blanket. When you buy a minky quilt, you’ll enjoy the ultimate softness. Minky is a fine material that is similar to velour or cashmere. It feels similar to mink or even to a favorite pet. It is also particularly popular for gifts, as it has a more luxurious feel than some other popular materials in blankets and throws.


3. Fleece Blankets Can Provide Durability with Warmth

A fleece blanket is another great alternative if you’re looking for warmth and durability in a throw. Fleece is a soft, yet sturdy material, that comes in varying degrees of plushness. It is particularly well-known for being easy to wash and for lasting through many uses. Many people keep fleece throws on hand in their cars in case of emergency or getting stopped during the winter.


Whether you choose a microplush throw, minky quilt or fleece blanket, you’re sure to enjoy comfort and warmth from any of these materials. Each is available in various colors, sizes and styles so that you can choose your favorite type.

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