Longstanding Lingering Effects of Curses

What is holding you back?

Effects of CursesIn an earlier time as well as in modern times there is a belief that you were in some way placed under a spell. The modern day equivalent these same forces that people believed was a curse are what could be holding you back from living the life that you deserve to experience. When it comes to curses, out of sight, out of mind, is usually the approach, even though millions of people still believe in these energies at a primal level.

Are all curses from ancient times? A curse can attach from something that has happened to you from something recent that has occurred. Simple awareness may be the key to unlocking these trapped energies. Spiritual healing is an important component to removing curses.

In the past a curse was thought to be cast as a punishment upon you by God or the gods or by someone who had a magical power or specialized knowledge that could cause harm. Today curses can be related to genetic patterns in the family such as generational health problems, mental and emotional conditions, unusual relationship and broken marriage problems, monetary problems, home and land ownership issues.

Family curses could come because of something you did or it could be something that descended on you because of something a member of your family did years before you were born. It is past from one generation to another because of something that has happened in your family or to your family. There are some families who seem to bear more than there share of misfortune. Repeating generations of broken marriages, alcoholism, domestic violence, abusive behavior, drug addiction, suicide, genetic health problems, and financial disasters.

Oprah’s comments regarding her family life were most telling. One of her reasons for not marrying and having children is the repeating patterns that she witnessed through her entire family. She observed the repeating of negative imprinting from her grandmother to her mother and herself. She wanted to break these negative patterns before she would take that chance of it happening all over again. These patterns are subconscious, below our radar, below the surface, and they get triggered when the ripe conditions present themselves.

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