Life Changing Upgrades for your Kitchen

Time for a New Kitchen?

modern kitchenWe all would love to make some significant upgrades to our homes but we really want to make changes that are of high value. One room in your house that can really benefit from some high value changes is your kitchen. Not only is it the most popular room of the house but, if you are a passionate home chef, it is also the place where you tend to hang out for a large part of your day. So doesn’t it make sense to spend your hard-earned dollars on upgrading a room in your home where you will see and experience an immediate benefit?

One upgrade you can make to your kitchen that will make a dramatic difference in the way you cook is to replace your single oven with a double oven range. In days gone by two ovens in one kitchen was relegated to high-end, extravagant kitchens. You wouldn’t ever find two ovens in one kitchen in an ordinary single-family home. Well, times have changed and now double ovens are made with the same footprint of a single oven making this extravagance a possibility in any kitchen.

The benefits of a double oven are numerous. You now have the ability to cook two different dishes simultaneously instead of having to wait for one to complete before cooking the other dish. This comes in handy especially when you have dinner guests and want to heat up some appetizers while the main meal is in the other oven. Also, with a double oven the top, smaller oven typically has a toasting option which allows you to rid your counter of your toaster oven or your bread toaster if you have one of those on the counter. Not only is a double oven range versatile but it is a space saver which helps a lot in a smaller kitchen. With the popularity of double ovens the price is affordable for the ordinary consumer due to the different manufacturers competing in the marketplace. Once you own a double oven you will never live without one no matter now many times you move.

Another high value, life-changing upgrade for your kitchen is a kitchen island with seating. Maybe you have grown tired of your old kitchen table and want to add a contemporary flair to your drab kitchen décor. While you are heating up those appetizers in your double oven with guests over, they could be sitting right there with you at the island allowing you to join in on the conversation. And if you have never had an island in your kitchen the benefits of this piece of furniture are many. First of all, the major benefit of a kitchen island is the additional working surface upon which you can roll out dough, chop vegetables, or make homemade pasta. The most dramatic change due to the new working surface is that you can now face anywhere you want in your kitchen instead of facing the walls and cabinets when you are using your countertop for meal preparation. This, in itself, is a transforming change on your perspective in the kitchen while you are working at the island.

Another benefit of a kitchen island is the additional storage capacity that you gain in the form of an additional cabinet in the island and more drawer space. This will allow you to move some of your cookware and kitchen accessories out of your crowded existing cabinets and into the island cabinet. You may also decide to move all of your kitchen utensils such as knives, forks, and spoons into your island drawers and use the existing drawers underneath your cabinets for other purposes.

If you are looking to make some significant, transforming upgrades in your kitchen you may want to consider both a double oven and a kitchen island with seating. Spending your money wisely should lead to an increased level of efficiency and productivity in your favorite room of the house.

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